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Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaics or PV as its know uses the power of the sun to creat electricity. When the sunlight hits the cells electricity is created in the form of D.C. The D.C is then converted into A.C by the inverter to enable homes and business to use this energy.
Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint and reduce energy bills but under the Government Feed In Tarrif scheme money is paid back to the owner. The benefits of PV
include being paid for generating electricity at the same time as using the electricity that is created.
With 10 year solar panel warranties and long inverter warranties, Solar PV is seen as a very low maintenance renewable energy source. Returns of investment are typically between 10 and 15 years with guaranteed payments of 20 years from the inflation linked feed in tariff.
Since becoming MCS registered to install PV, both new build and retro fit installations have successfully been installed. Last year VyeLight carried out over 30 installations bringing reduced energy bills to many happy customers.

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